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Latest Projects

1.“Lyceum Research Institute”

Land size: 100 acre
Location: United Kingdom
Faculties: 12 with expectation of more faculties

  • Social Science Research
  • Medical Science Research
  • Space Science Research
  • Agricultural Research
  • Business Research
  • International relationship Research
  • Horticulture Research
  • Botanical Research
  • Study of Land Development
  • Horological Study
  • Legal Study
  • Media Study

Run by: group of Professor, Lawyers and scientists.
Requirement of : upto running £2.5 billion

2.An advancement of health “Rabeya-Ahmed Hospital”

Location: Valuka, Bangladesh
Description :
Cancer Treatment hospital
Land size: 10 acre
Formation: most latest and modern technological equipment
Beds : 200 beds
Total cost: upto running £500 million.

3. Treatment and Care Service for Mental and Disabled Children and Adults – Initial Vision and Proposal

4.Cancer Hospital Network

The purpose of this high level business plan is to attract funding for the development of a nationwide network of cancer hospitals and day care feeder clinics throughout Bangladesh while highlighting the opportunity for investors to financially benefit from this project. Furthermore, we shall showcase the expected social return from this venture.

The National Cancer Grid is envisaged to be a network of future major cancer centers in the country created with the mandate of creating uniform standards of patient care across the length and breadth of the country, bringing high quality cancer care to the doorsteps of patients, augmenting human resource capabilities in cancer management in the country, and promoting collaborative research in cancer.

5.Black potato project

Anti blood Pressure

6.Turmeric health and Cultural Projects
7. 2 more Hospital in Ethiopia